Hopkinsville Art Guild

John N. Hall, III Purchase Award

For several years Hopkinsville Art Guild members and non-members had an opportunity to submit paintings for the John N. Hall, III Purchase Award. Mr. Hall will provided $400 for first place. Winning paintings were used for developing greeting cards sold by the Hopkinsville Art Guild during November and December.

The paintings were judged in conjunction with the Pennyroyal Juried Art Show. The winning painting was framed by Planters Bank and exhibited there after the production of the greeting cards, which were be sold by the Hopkinsville Art Guild. The winner gave up the copyright to the work as well as the painting.

2008 Christmas Card
2007 Christmas Card

2008 Christmas Card

"Christmas in Hoptown"

By Barbara Gardner

2007 Christmas Card

"First Snow"

By Barbara Gardener

2009 Winner

2010 Winner

No Photo Available

2009 Christmas Card

"E. P. Barnes Bldg 1932"

By Nada Fuqua

2010 Christmas Card

Main Street Looking South 1932

By Nada Fuqua

2011 Christmas Card

"Snowy Evening at Founder's Square"

By Linda Pierce

Christmas Parade

2012 Christmas Card

Christmas Parade

By Linda Pierce

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